Protection of Incapacitated Adults in Quebec
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What is a vulnerable adult?

When an individual becomes unable to administer his/her property and requires help exercising his/her rights. The incapacity may be as a result of illness disability, stroke, mental illness or as a result of the aging process.

What rights does a vulnerable adult have in Quebec?

The vulnerable adult has full rights to enjoy freedom and security under the Quebec civil law.

How can I help protect a vulnerable adult/loved one?

You can become a representative for the vulnerable adult as a tutor, curator or mandatory to help this person exercise his/her full rights under the law.

The representative of a vulnerable adult is a person chosen by the adult’s family, friends and by the court to act on behalf of him or her when diagnosed with a condition that impairs the ability to express one’s will or decisions.

Anyone acting on behalf of the vulnerable adult must act in his/her interest while respecting his/her rights, autonomy and privacy.

How can Nexum help you protect a vulnerable adult?

Nexum legal experts assist the vulnerable adult and the people who want to help protect his/her property and exercise the fair management of his/her assets in accordance with the law. This process involves helping to choose the representative, determining what type of representative is the appropriate one for the situation; and guiding selection of the right group of people from the adult's family and friends who would assist and supervise the acts of the representative. We can help this representative to make the vulnerable adult's status and condition known towards government, hospital and banking officials. We can also help designate the proper individual to represent him/her in court in the event of litigation or a summons.

Nexum helps the family and friends of the vulnerable adult by assisting them in obtaining the right protection from court, called a curatorship or tutorship. This is done from both a legal and medical perspective by consulting an attorney and a medical consultant (graduate of medicine) to help choose the right person.

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